Lucky, lucky dog people.  You have such crazy, goofy, fun with those silly pooches. 

But even during sex, “would you lick my face” are words I never say.  Neither are “would you never brush your teeth and then lick my face?” or “would you eat someone’s poop and lick my face?”

I realize I let cats, who tongue-clean their butts, nuzzle my face.  AndI get all smiley-happy when I see a cat.  My eyes think dogs look cute, but my emotions are not stirred.  Or even shaken. Perhaps specialized and inexplicable love is in-born, like loving broccoli and digeridoos.  I suppose I need to go with the reactions nature has bestowed, but, upon reflection, stop face nuzzling cats. 

“Gonna Buy me a Dog” – The Monkees. These kids are having so much dang dog fun. Though did I detect a forced smile after Mike Nesmith is pooch-licked?

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