Some things I like.

Gary Hutchison
Paintings and wood designs
Edgewater Pubic Market
Food truck food sans trucks.
Also has retail & rooftop bar
Free exercise videos with Canadian instructor Jules. Simple routines you can make harder with weights. Thanks, Jules!
Cities. Nature. Both so nice
Team Body Project
Some free workout videos on YouTube and join at reasonable cost for 100’s more.
Their imperfect excellence separate them from most humorless options
CFOOTMAD: Colorado Friends of Old-Time Music and Dance. Haven’t actually attended since pre-pandemic, but it could happen.
Favorite book for writers! Thanks, Ken Rand!
The Who Shop and Museum
Small but mighty!
39-41 Barking Road, London E6 1PY, UK
Mercury Cafe
Yum food and multiple events always
Farhad’s double exposure photography
Libraries. No cost audio books, ebooks and streaming videos. A place to relax or browse. What’s not to like? This photo shows Denver Public Library central location.
Live music. Especially free on the street. Photo by Patrick Marty on Pixabay

Gluing Things on Things. HELLO THERE DOORBELL. The cheapest doorbell you can buy attached to a tin cactus. Happy bendable fellow is attached whose posture can be changed depending on your mood. It could become the GO AWAY doorbell if the fellow’s arms are crossed.