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A Novel

A sci fi novel.

Who’s that peeking through your cat’s eyes?

Before Transference, no one could penetrate the poisonous Kisan atmosphere. Now, alien minds can wander. To us.

Follow the unraveling of lives and planet altering events as travelers peer through eyes of unaware hosts into lives on Earth. The mind-travels of the Kisans reveal dramatic visions and a startling shared past between the visitors and visited.

And what does your cat see?

Transference is for readers who enjoy tales with world-building, cats, romance, recovery after loss, and suprises. It explores lives, love, and the boundaries of body and mind with humor and intimacy.

Tales are revealed of love discovered and lost, fears embraced and rejected, and beliefs shattered and renewed, triggering life-changing questions and consequences for the travelers.

Sumee, a charming combination of self-involved and selfless, dispensing wisdom and passion to all.

Maryl, thriving on world-shaking technological breakthroughs and unexpected romance.

Talented, handsome Bly, struggling with grim loss.

Danyin, sharing jokes and empathy, and learning the whims of a capricious universe.

Rob and Lena, living, loving, and destructing under the gaze of their trio of cats, and the more attentive observation of others.

Cats, enjoying scent images and, unknowingly, dreaming a shared history.

Browser Press – 300 Pages.
Paperback: 978-1537758558
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Researching 101

36 Tips to Propel Your College Research and Help You Find the Authoritative Information Your Professor Will Love. 2017.

Researching basics are either barely discussed in college success books, or presented in sumptuous detail in lengthy tomes.

Researching 101 offers a happy medium by succinctly presenting core strategies and ideas essential to unearthing information.

Openly licensed – Open Educational Resource (OER)

Cheerfully Childless

A cartoon-filled humor book for those who hesitate to procreate.


A fun read for anyone who knows the happiest meal is one that includes a dry martini. 

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